Water Does Wonders

Partnership Proposal Guidelines

We’re looking for groups like schools, early years hubs, municipalities, recreation centres, and sports groups to help get kids and families drinking more water and fewer sugar sweetened beverages. Partnership and funding support up to $3000 can be provided to help with your activities.
The theme Water Does Wonders encourages kids and families to drink more water and less sugar sweetened beverages through a mix of the following strategies:
  • School, classroom, organization leadership (Policy) *REQUIRED ACTIVITY*
  • Student engagement
  • Curriculum, teaching, education and learning
  • Supportive social and physical environments
  • Home, school and community partnerships
Partnership Activities and Ideas
In order to be eligible to partner with us, groups and organizations must choose to develop and implement a policy related to increasing water consumption and/or reducing access to sugar to sweetened beverages. At least one additional activity from the attached Menu of Choices must also be included in your proposal.
You can choose from the ideas in the Menu of Choices or plan your own activity that fits in one of the strategies listed above. Keep in mind that priority will be given to activities that:
  • Support and promote increased water consumption and/or reduced access to sugar sweetened beverages among children, youth and families
  • Develop skills
  • Strengthen community action
  • Address community needs
  • Ensure accessibility – promote equal opportunity
  • Track participation and outcomes
  • Are sustainable and/or create a lasting impact
  • Use best practises to address identified needs
Eligible costs
1. Services
– Project advertising (graphic design, photography, printing, etc.)
– Rental (e.g. Space for partners to conduct community activities)
– Honorariums
2. Program Materials
– Equipment essential for project delivery (e.g., water dispensers, fruit
  for infused water, program resources)
– Theme-based resources (books, fact sheets, other publications)
3. Transportation and Communication
–  Travel, accommodation and/or meal expenses directly related to
    implementation of project activities