About Us

Facts for our partners

The key to the success of The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is committed local partners, like you. We need your help to promote it. And we need you to think creatively with us about what you can do. Depending on the sector you are in, you could have a huge influence on the policies, programs and environments we create for our children to live, learn, eat and play in.


What children and families will gain from The Healthy Kids Community Challenge

  • Better knowledge and skills for staying active and eating well
  • Better access and fewer barriers to healthy choices
  • Safe and supportive environments that make it easier to be active and choose healthy food
  • Closer links with the community and more chances to be involved and included


How you’ll benefit as a partner

You may be able to expand programs you’ve already started or start new ones to benefit the community.

Being involved means exposure for your business, program or service – for instance through local media coverage or community events.

This may be a chance to introduce or enhance programs and policies in your workplace that support employees in making healthy living choices with their families.

You will be mobilizing and joining forces with other community partners. That will make all of our efforts stronger and form bonds that will last beyond The Healthy Kids Community Challenge itself.


How The Healthy Kids Community Challenge works

About every nine months, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will launch a new theme related to two of the key factors associated with healthy weights in children: physical activity and healthy eating. Our community will rally around the theme and take on projects that help to make it real, in ways that work best for us and where we live.

How do you get involved?

The Northwest Strong Steering Committee currently oversees the plans, and promotes the initiatives that will help to achieve the goals and objectives of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. The group is made up of representatives from across the region from a variety of sectors, such as education, First Nation organizations, health, recreation, media, municipalities, private sector and those serving youth.  For more information about Northwest Strong or the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, contact:

Jaclyn Shewchuk
Northwestern Health Unit
234 Howey Street,
Red Lake, ON P0V2M0
(807) 727-2626, ext. 4