Goals, objectives, values

Northwest Strong embodies the following values:

  • Sustainability and self-reliance – nourishing vibrant communities that thrive on our resources
  • Inclusiveness – creating caring communities where everyone feels included, empowered, and valued
  • Diversity – fostering communities that value and draw on a variety of strengths and resources
  • Creativity – thinking outside the box and utilizing the uniqueness of the northwest
  • Respect – treating people and the environment with consideration, high regard, courtesy and dignity
  • Perseverance – forging ahead when things get tough; standing up for one’s beliefs and facing challenges with optimism
  • Integrity – doing what is right and ensuring there is no difference between what is said and what is done

Within Northwest Strong, healthy living is more than the choices we make. It includes:

  • the environment where we live, learn, work and play;
  • affordable housing, childcare and food;
  • income, education, job security; and
  • caring communities.